Darshan Dudhoria
Director, Bari Kothi Heritage Hotel

Darshan Dudhoria is a social entrepreneur whose journey has been marked by a profound commitment to cultural innovation, heritage preservation, and impactful social work. A distinguished alumnus and former head boy of one of the nation’s premier schools, Darshan initially embarked on a conventional path, pursuing law and establishing a successful career at a prestigious London-based law firm. However, fate had a different course in mind for him, one that would see him passionately dedicated to preserving and promoting heritage globally.

Bari Kothi- the First Grand Heritage hotel of East India had its conception in a simple 3-H model devised by Darshan Dudhoria, Director and Co-Founder of the hotel. Project H-H-H (Heritage-Hospitality-Humanity), a humble idea of how one’s Heritage can be preserved, conserved, and converted from a liability to an asset was to change the potential of Heritage Tourism in Bengal.